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Our Cashmere Family Legacy

Our family has been working in the textile industry for well over a century. My Great Grandfather used to run his own woollen mill producing his own brand of Scottish tweeds on the outskirts of Edinburgh. By the time my Father joined the business, their own brand of Macnab Tweeds was sold throughout the US, Europe and Asia. My Dad then added cashmere to the mix.

In the past, Scottish cashmere was the finest in the world. However, as labour costs rose in the UK, it became too expensive to produce and unable to compete with the meteoric rise of China.

Fast forward 100 years, and the world's finest cashmere now comes from the blustery plains of Inner Mongolia where the frigid winter cold helps the goats grow a fine inner coat to keep them warm. And, it is this fine inner coat which makes the softest cashmere jumpers. My Dad first went up to Inner Mongolia over 40 years ago and we have been working with the same cashmere partners up there ever since. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we're leaders in provinding wholesale Cashmere in the B2B fashion vertical.

Where Does Cashmere Come From?

Cashmere comes from the Kashmir Goats which live high up on the Inner Mongolian grasslands where temperatures plunge as low as minus 40 degrees celsius in the depths of winter. In order to survive this bitter cold, these little goats grow a fine inner coat to keep them warm.

However, come spring and then summer, they start to shed this inner coat in order to keep cool: temperatures soar above the 30 degrees celsius mark in July. And, this is when they are sheared. After all, who wants to wear a cashmere coat during the blazing summer heat?

However, did you know that each goat only produces enough cashmere to make around one baby- sized jumper a year, revealing just how precious this delicate fibre is. And, that’s why a top quality quality cashmere jumper can be rather pricey.

Did you know that even though cashmere is both finer and lighter than wool, it is also up to 8 times warmer? If cared for properly, a top quality cashmere sweater should last for years as it is incredibly durable, making it the perfect hand-me-down natural fibre in this age of much needed sustainability.

Our Cashmere Factory

Cashmere has been around since the 18th century, and mills have been perfecting this art form for centuries. The company which we work with has over 40 years experience in fine-tuning this technique.

A completely vertical operation from the goats all the way down to the finished garment, it has a giant state of the art factory which employs the latest Italian spinning techniques. It can now offer a fine Italian finish on par with Loro Piana. It also controls the world’s largest stock of raw cashmere, and works with only a select group of herders to ensure that it gets only the finest yarn.

After all, not all cashmere is made equal. In order to meet high global demand for this highly sought after material, a lot of farmers have interbreed their animals with coarser haired goats in order to produce more yarn.

But at Macnab Drummond, we only work with the finest cashmere. We believe in helping you to make beautiful sustainable pieces which will stand the test of time so that they can be passed down from generation to generation. After all, there is no Planet B and surely our children and the planet which they will inherit deserve only the best.