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Mika & Milo

Mika & Milo

We also have our very own in-house multi-award winning cashmere label called Mika & Milo. Named after Peter Stevenson’s two grandchildren, Mika & Milo is a cashmere blend offering for children aged 0-3M up to 8 years old.

It recently won GOLD at this year’s Junior Design Awards for Best Children’s Fashion Brand. The accolade comes one year after it won GOLD for Best Children’s Knitwear Collection.

Photographer: Emma Tunbridge for Mika & Milo AW22

After all, cashmere is the perfect winter material for Little Ones as it is can be worn close to their skin without being itchy. It is also naturally breathable so there is no risk of the Tiny Ones overheating as they move from being outside in the cold to the warmth of the indoors. Also, if it is looked after properly, cashmere is incredibly durable, making the perfect hand-me-down natural fibre in this age of much needed sustainability.

After all, what could possibly be nicer than for your own kids to pass down their cashmere hand-me-downs to their own Little Ones? And, surely our children and the earth which they will inherit deserve only the best?

Please take a look at Mika & Milo’s AW22 look book here. And, if you are interested in stocking Mika & Milo, please get in touch here.

We make cotton/cashmere and cashmere/ merino blends as well as 100% pure cashmere.