Peter Stevenson

Founder & CEO

Peter is the founder and head of Macnab Drummond. The son of Drummond and grandson of Herbert Stevenson, he studied at Edinburgh University before honing his textile skills at Galashiels Technical College in Scotland. He joined the family business straight out of school and later went on to work for trading giant Dodwell in Japan before striking out on his own with Macnab Drummond over 40 years ago.

Mike Chan

Head Of Operations

Mike has been working with Macnab Drummond in the cashmere trade for over 30 years. Helping to build the French label Eric Bompard from the ground up since its inception over three decades ago, she is the cashmere expert and heads up all operations at Macnab Drummond. A native Mandarin speaker, she has an excellent connection with our cashmere partners up in Inner Mongolia.

Jazz Ho

Head Of Technology & Procurement

Working with Macnab Drummond for over 25 years, Jazz spearheads the group’s technology department. She also has a fine mind for detail and is able to catch the smallest of errors when it comes to either sampling or bulk production. She also heads up procurement and is able to source all our necessary trims for bulk production from neck labels to swing tags to buttons.

Jophie Lee

Head of Accounts

Jophie has been working with Macnab Drummond for over 20 years. A wizard with numbers, she helps to keep all accounts and invoices in tip-top shape. She also helps the team keep on top of all bulk production orders.

Aiko Stevenson

Director & Founder, Mika & Milo

Aiko is the daughter of Peter and the founder of the multi-award-winning kids cashmere label: Mika & Milo. After getting a Master’s from Edinburgh University, she originally trained as a broadcast journalist with the BBC, CNN, CNBC & Time Magazine before joining the family business a decade ago and setting up their kid’s offering.

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