Our Services

Our Services

We can handle any bulk cashmere order that you require. Simply give us a spec sheet detailing what kind of jumper, cardigan, dress, coat, or scarf that you wish to make and let us handle the rest.

You can choose your colours from the factory’s stock list, or if you make a large-scale bulk order, we can custom-make your own bespoke palette plate. We can make your item in the following cashmere compositions:

  • 100% cashmere
  • 50/50 cashmere/merino
  • 30/70 cashmere/merino
  • 10/90 cashmere/merino
  • cotton/cashmere
  • silk/cashmere

We also offer both woollen and worsted cashmere, so if you wish to make coats and trousers, the latter would be the choice for you.

To begin with, we would first have a look at your spec sheet to make sure that all the technical details are correct. After all, a beautiful cashmere sweater always begins with a first-rate spec sheet detailing exactly what you are looking for. As a result, if we feel that your jumper would be made better in another way, we would advise you accordingly.

Once you have confirmed all the details, we would make a prototype sample with your choice of colour, yarn count and composition. And, as soon as it is ready, we will send this out to you with a price quote.

If you are happy with it, we will then begin sampling the rest of your collection. And, once you are completely satisfied with it all, we would then move onto making your bulk cashmere order which would take about four months to prepare.

The factory will then quality control your order first, followed by own personal team of quality control experts. And after it has passed both rounds of stringent testing, it will be packed up so that it is fit for travel with your preferred mode of shipment.

Your wholesale bulk cashmere order can be sent by sea, train or air: it is really up to you. And, of course, we will ensure that your order arrives at your door, safe and sound!

Our Unmatched Services

Spec Sheet Analysis

A beautiful sweater always starts with a first-rate spec sheet. After all, this is the blue print which the factory will use to knit your jumper. We will ensure that your spec sheet communicates exactly what you are looking to achieve. Firstly, we will ensure that all the measurements are sound. Next we will make sure that the correct yarn count, composition and knitting strategy are are all being used. After all, making a sample takes time and costs money so it is best to make sure that it is 100% ready- to-go before it is knitted.

Label & Button Sourcing

Do you need help making all your bulk cashmere trims such neck labels, swing tags, barcodes and care labels? Do not worry as we can handle this all for you at no extra expense using our partners based here in Hong Kong. The factory can also help you to source all your zips and buttons. Just let us know what you need!

Top Grade Cashmere Sourcing & Manufacturing

We will match-make your sweater with the perfect cashmere quality that you are looking for? Are you looking for the Top Gun of cashmere, the best-of-the best, namely 14 microns by 36 microns? OR, are you looking for something that is a bit more affordable? Let us match you with the cashmere yarn that you are looking for.

Quality Control

Before anything is sent to you, be it a sample or your final wholesale bulk order, it goes through two rounds of strict quality control. First by the factory who will measure everything to ensure that all of your technical details have been met. And, then our own personal team of Quality Control experts take over to make sure that it is exactly what you asked for. After all, we want you to be completely happy with your order, regardless of whether it is big or small.

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