Why Cashmere is a Better Winter Choice Than Wool.


Aiko Stevenson

Why Cashmere is a Better Winter Choice Than Wool.

December 5, 2022

Clothing in the winter needs to be a few things: stylish, practical, comfortable, and, above all else, warm, especially for our Little Ones. Sending your child out in the cold without the proper protection could make them sick, but did you know that there is a better alternative to wool? That’s right, it’s cashmere, and we’re about to tell you why…


Cashmere is much finer than wool, measuring only 14 to 16 microns. Wool, on the other hand, can be between 20 and 40 microns thick, marking a huge difference. Finer cashmere is more suitable for baby and kids clothing because it’s softer on their skin. It’s a much softer material, so it feels nicer to wear too. If you want your children to have soft, comfortable clothes, then you should buy cashmere!


But don’t let those small microns fool you. Cashmere clothes are very warm. Cashmere comes from Kashmir goats, who live in freezing cold conditions year-round, and so produce fine, but insulating wool to protect them from the cold. We can use the cashmere that is taken from these goats in kids clothing to have the exact same effect. Baby cashmere clothes are some of the most insulating around to keep your little one safe when temperatures plummet.


Yes, we know. Cashmere isn’t cheap. But one cashmere goat only produces enough cashmere to make one baby sweater a year, so getting your hands on cashmere isn’t easy. That’s why it can be rather pricey. If you come across a cheap cashmere sweater, then beware! The likelihood is it’s a cheap cashmere blend, which may have as little as 5% cashmere – so you really get what you pay for. The best thing about cashmere though is that it’s so durable. Yes, you might pay more now for your baby cashmere sweater, but it’ll last you for your first child, and your next, and your next…


Which brings us on to our very important last point. Passing down cashmere clothing helps the environment, because you aren’t supporting fast-fashion and other damaging fashion trends to the environment. Not only that, but cashmere is much better for the environment too. Wool is just a sheep’s coat, so you’d think it would be as renewable as a Kashmir goat’s, but this isn’t the case. When you produce clothing en masse, you create an unsustainable demand.

Cashmere isn’t in high demand because there are only so many Kashmir goats that can only produce so much cashmere each year. The supply has a limit. Sheep are everywhere though, so wool clothing is much easier to make. This then leads to increased greenhouse gases, air miles, and other harmful effects on the environment that cashmere simply doesn’t suffer from. And surely the least we can do as parents is provide our little ones with what’s best for them, and what’s best for our planet.

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